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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April Showers...

Hello! How is your spring? Rainy, mixed with a little rain is what is happening at our house. I absolutely love spring and I love thunderstorms even more, I know--weirdo. There is just a level of excitement around when a storm is blowing into Nashville. Last spring though, we ran into a whole lot more than we bargained for with all the flooding, so I hope we don't repeat that spring. My family was very blessed, but we had many friends who lost so much. I know the storms mean so much more to them. I will say, it made me so very proud of my community to watch all the volunteer efforts and how quickly a lot of the mess was cleaned up. It truly made me aware of how good people actually want to be and how mean some people really are--all at the same time!

So Easter has come and gone again.  My mom made the girls' Easter dresses. She is awesome, and I can't say that enough. I can't believe that next week it will be May! Trey's birthday is only 2 weeks away (dum ta dum dum)! I am clueless (as always) as to what to get him. Well, that is not completely true. I have a lot of ideas, but he doesn't like any of them, of course. What is that about? I have really good ideas, and please no one buy him anymore clothes! He already has more clothes than all three of us girls put together--okay, maybe not that much.

Oh and news on the renovations...Nadda! Still waiting to get the trees chopped down in the backyard. As Trey and I were obsessing over what changes we would make,we somehow decided to build a building in the backyard. Shoot me now, please! I have a huge fear we will turn out like one of those hoarders on that show that has two houses, because they already screwed up their original house. Seriously.